Portraiture as a tradition dates back to the origins of art itself. The desire to capture a being's animating spirit through art continues to drive my imagination and creativity.

My Latest Commission

I recently had the honor of creating a portrait of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, presented in Annapolis.  He’s depicted in his Air National Guard bomber jacket to show another facet of his service to our country.  Governor Hogan also received an award for his efforts on behalf of the Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center.

" Larry Hogan, Governor of Maryland"
36 X 36
Oil on canvas

Honoring Maryland Governor Larry Hogan

The event was organized by ​Kurt Wolfgang, Executive Director, Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center and Roberta Roper, Founder, Maryland Crime Victims Resource Center (pictured here).

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I would love to work with you and create something special for you or a loved one that will be cherished for a lifetime. It's wondrous to feel the love through the canvas...